Tagungen – Abstracts

Laden Sie hier die Abstracts vergangener EBCP Tagungen herunter.

Lissabon 2019

“Linking Knowledge and Evidence to Ensure the Best Perfusion
Technology Appliance”

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Mailand 2018

„Targets, Tools and Persistence to improve Standards of Care towards Excellence“

Wien 2017

„Translating Research & Science into Good Clinical Perfusion Practice“

Barcelona 2016

„Progress in Perfusion – Research & Science & Philosophy“

Amsterdam 2015

„Strategies in Adult & Pediatric Perfusion“

Mailand 2014

„Real problems or pitfalls in perfusion“

Wien 2013

„Trends in Perfusion“

Barcelona 2012

„Solutions in Perfusion“

Lissabon 2011

„Developments in Perfusion“

Genf 2010

„Management in Perfusion“

Wien 2009

„Strategies in Perfusion“

Lissabon 2008

„Innovations in Perfusion“

Genf 2007

„Concepts in Perfusion“

Stockholm 2006

„Quality inCardiovascular Perfusion“